The Design Features of Signature at Yishun Made It Our Place of Choice to Live

I golf a lot at the course where the Seletar Reservoir is at. The Signature at Yishun residences, that you can see at, is on our minds for leasing now. Yishun Park is right there too. The area is being developed into a nice place with residences. Yishun is also developing outdoor spaces that are green. This is what we want. This is what we have been looking for when it comes to leasing a condo in Singapore. There is a strong desire to escape the urbanization even just a little bit.

The condo units are nice at the Signature at Yishun. They have all your appliances including a hob and hood in the kitchen. Comfortable living in a nice location. That is what we have been looking for. We are applying to lease a three bedroom space. Our family includes our daughter, and my wife is expecting our second child. It will be nice for each child to have their own bedroom. We only have two bedrooms where we are currently at. At the Signature at Yishun, you can get up to a four bedroom condo. Those are perfect for larger families.

I like the idea of the reading corner that you see being established into the designs of these new condos. Quiet personal space is always welcome. I particularly enjoy the quiet or places with just nature sounds. I do not want to constantly hear traffic noises and the hustle and bustle of people going about their business. Finding some solitary space to quietly read in the very public Singapore is kind of hard to do nowadays. It is nice that architects of executive condominiums are making plans to design such spaces into these new condo structures. I see them doing that in pool design too with the curves and little alcove areas like you might find in the water of a natural lake.

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