Probably the Best Apartment Complex in Minnesota

Your home should be comfortable year round. This is why things such as furnaces and air conditioners get the research and development dollars that they do. There is a sufficient consumer demand. It does not matter where you live in the country, there are places to live that can keep you comfortable year round. I grew up in Minnesota, and I enjoy hiking and boating in the summer and winter skiing. However, even though I go camping in the heat of summer and ski mountains in the cold of winter, I like my home you can see at It is beyond comfortable. This place was made for us Minnesotans.

I get up at five to be at work by eight. I am not really ready for the day until about 10, especially after the holidays when the ground is frozen outside. One of the best amenities at the Cedars of Edina Apartments where I live is the heated underground parking. I cannot emphasize enough how pleasant it is to go out to my SUV on a winter morning and have it be parked in a heated garage. The apartments also has Club Cedars, and you can get to it through a heated underground tunnel. The architects that designed this place must have grown up here. They know!

The apartment itself is no slouch either. I have quartz countertops in the kitchen, and I also have stainless steel appliances. There are over 20 laundry facilities spread out over the complex, and they have front-loading washers and dryers too. The closets in my apartment seem to be about as big as my first apartment. I kid you not, they are huge. You have to see these walk-in closets in the Cedars of Edina Apartments. Oh, and going back to the winter-fueled designs of this place, there is also an indoor heated pool and spa. Perfect for a warm soak in the middle of winter.

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