One Trip to the Chiropractor Helped Me

When I woke up last Sunday, I had such a hard time getting out of bed. I don’t mean that I was sleepy and just wanted to stay snuggled up under the blankets, because that is true every morning. I am just not a morning person at all. What I do mean is that I went to sit up, and my body protested something awful. I just attributed it to sleeping poorly. It did not get better throughout the day, and my husband suggested that we look for a chiropractor in Salinas who would be able to see me first thing the next morning if it was still hurting.

That might seem extreme, but all I did Sunday was shift around on the sofa trying to find a comfortable spot. It was not working out too well for me, and nothing my husband did helped. We tried heat, we tried icing it, over the counter pain pills, and even a massage by my husband, but the pain was persistent. The next morning, he had a list of chiropractors to call. Thankfully, the very first one had a cancellation just before we called, and we were able to take it.

It is the first time I left my house without looking my best, but pain has a way of making you not really care about things like that. The chiropractor was giving me my first adjustment within a half hour of walking through the front door to his office, and the relief I felt was instant. I had no idea that it would work that fast, and I was just so happy to not have that constant pain any longer. A severe back pain can truly take you out of commission very fast, but it took just one trip to the chiropractor to put me back in the game!

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