I Still Need a New Car

Of course for the moment I would not really be able to drive a normal car too well. I can get around with crutches, but my legs do not work all that well and they do not work at all without pain. I am really mad at that other guy, but of course he has worse problems than just doctors and Sacramento chiropractors, he was still in the hospital the last that I heard. In fact they were moving him to the infirmary at the county jail. When he hit my car he had about six police cars behind him. The chase did not end there, but in the end he was involved in a horrendous wreck that nearly killed him and some other unlucky person. I could consider myself lucky if I tried, but it is always hard to see things that way when you are all busted up and you have been out of work for close to a month.

I have been working from home for almost two weeks, in between visits to the doctors and going to see the chiropractor. They have been doing all that they can to fix me up and for the most part the pain is gone now. They gave me some pills, but I looked them up on the web and decided that I should be afraid of getting hooked on them. So I have only used them as little as I possibly could. Now I have a thing to cut them in half and I only take that half once a day unless I think that I can get away with not taking it. Usually I only take them to help me get a good night’s sleep. The pain is usually the worst when you have nothing else to think about.

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