I Had to Move Because of Flooding

I am not the type of person to cry over spilled milk. If something bad happens, I just deal with it as quickly and as effectively as possible so I can move on with my life. That is what happened when the rental house I was living in sustained major flooding damage because of burst water pipes. The landlord told me that it would be a while before I would be able to move back in. I decided to just look at apartments in Jackson MS instead. I work in Jackson, so it just made sense to find a place closer to work.

The only reason I even lived so far away was because I wanted to be closer to my parents. That was three years ago though, and they have since retired and moved to Florida. I don’t have that luxury though, so I just continued my long commute back and forth to work. I actually considered this a small blessing because I was planning on trying this anyway once my lease expired, which was not for another eight months. Now, I would be able to legally move, so it was all working out for me.

The apartment that I found is at Woodlands, and I absolutely love it here. I am only ten minutes from work, and having that extra hour to myself instead of commuting is priceless. I am also paying less money, and I have less responsibility here. I don’t have to pay someone to cut my grass or take care of the sidewalks in the winter months because that is all included with my rent here. I also have use of a really nice swimming pool, something I didn’t have at the rental house. This is just all around better for me, and I am glad that I was able to move on so quickly!

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