Chiropractic Care is Part of the Benefits Package

The last time I had seen a San Jose chiropractor was when I was in a minor car accident many years ago. I didn’t think I was hurt from it because it was so minor, but my neck and shoulders told a different story nearly a week after the accident. That was my first and only experience with whiplash, and I never thought I would need to see a chiropractor again. It was not until I got hired at there company where I work at now that I realized I was missing out on some great benefits by not utilizing a chiropractor’s services.

I guess it is because of my lone experience with chiropractic services that had me thinking that those services were just for people who were injured. I would have never considered a healthy person going to a chiropractor until I started working here. The benefits package here is so great, and the HR department fully explains every detail to every new employee. When they explained that chiropractic services are not only available but that all employees are encouraged to use them, I had to ask why it was so important that it was stressed during my orientation.

The HR person explained that the majority of the time, we will be sitting at our desks. This can lead to poor posture, but that can be combated by chiropractic care. She told me that if I had not been to a chiropractor since my accident, then I may just be surprised at how good I would feel after seeing one a few times. Since there was so much emphasis on it, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment, and I can see why they stress it so much. I feel so much better after having a couple of adjustments done, and this is going to be something I definitely maintain from this point forward.

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