A New Man for the Team

Basketball can make people get really aggressive. Usually it’s the younger guys who have more aggression, but the older guys can have it too. I’ve been coaching a team of my friends, and we play other teams in the city. During one of our practices, two of the players got into an argument and one tackled the other. I’ve never really seen anyone tackle a person like that in the middle of a game of basketball. It was like he turned into a football player. One player had to be taken to a Concord chiropractor because his back was giving him trouble.

The chiropractor determined that the player would be unable to play in the next game or any game after that until he was fully healed. This left the team down one player and I had to figure out who should fill his spot. I thought about getting rid of the player who tackled the other one, but I needed as many people as possible. It’s a good thing that the player with the injured back didn’t decide to press charges or sue. I asked around the neighborhood and put up some fliers to find anyone who might be interested in playing.

Luckily for me and the entire team, we were able to find someone to fill the roster. There was a man who lived close to where the team practiced, and didn’t know that there was actually a team. I don’t know how he would have missed something like that, considering pretty much everyone in the city knows about the team. He showed us how well he could play and we all agreed that he was pretty skilled, making him the perfect person for the team. In our next game, we’ll really see how well he does when he’s under pressure.

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