Monthly Archives: November 2017

Chiropractic Care is Part of the Benefits Package

The last time I had seen a San Jose chiropractor was when I was in a minor car accident many years ago. I didn’t think I was hurt from it because it was so minor, but my neck and shoulders told a different story nearly a week after the accident. That was my first and only experience with whiplash, and I never thought I would need to see a chiropractor again. It was not until I got hired at there company where I work at now that I realized I was missing out on some great benefits by not utilizing a chiropractor’s services.

I guess it is because of my lone experience with chiropractic services that had me thinking that those services were just for people who were injured. I would have never considered a healthy person going to a chiropractor until I started working here. The benefits package here is so great, and the HR department fully explains every detail to every new employee. When they explained that chiropractic services are not only available but that all employees are encouraged to use them, I had to ask why it was so important that it was stressed during my orientation. (more…)

I Still Need a New Car

Of course for the moment I would not really be able to drive a normal car too well. I can get around with crutches, but my legs do not work all that well and they do not work at all without pain. I am really mad at that other guy, but of course he has worse problems than just doctors and Sacramento chiropractors, he was still in the hospital the last that I heard. In fact they were moving him to the infirmary at the county jail. When he hit my car he had about six police cars behind him. The chase did not end there, but in the end he was involved in a horrendous wreck that nearly killed him and some other unlucky person. (more…)

One Trip to the Chiropractor Helped Me

When I woke up last Sunday, I had such a hard time getting out of bed. I don’t mean that I was sleepy and just wanted to stay snuggled up under the blankets, because that is true every morning. I am just not a morning person at all. What I do mean is that I went to sit up, and my body protested something awful. I just attributed it to sleeping poorly. It did not get better throughout the day, and my husband suggested that we look for a chiropractor in Salinas who would be able to see me first thing the next morning if it was still hurting.

That might seem extreme, but all I did Sunday was shift around on the sofa trying to find a comfortable spot. It was not working out too well for me, and nothing my husband did helped. (more…)

A New Man for the Team

Basketball can make people get really aggressive. Usually it’s the younger guys who have more aggression, but the older guys can have it too. I’ve been coaching a team of my friends, and we play other teams in the city. During one of our practices, two of the players got into an argument and one tackled the other. I’ve never really seen anyone tackle a person like that in the middle of a game of basketball. It was like he turned into a football player. One player had to be taken to a Concord chiropractor because his back was giving him trouble.

The chiropractor determined that the player would be unable to play in the next game or any game after that until he was fully healed. This left the team down one player and I had to figure out who should fill his spot. I thought about getting rid of the player who tackled the other one, but I needed as many people as possible. (more…)